My First Concert

It was 1991 and I was nine years old.  Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails was released and it was everywhere including on my Sony cassette walkman . As you may have figured, I had a cool older brother who put me on. Fast forward to the summer, My brother was watching me and tells me that we are going out. Clearly I was hyped on going anywhere cause i'm like nine. We take the New Jersey Turnpike and pull up to Giants Stadium. A huge Jumbotron that only reads " NIN".

I was like no fucking way. I remember my heart was pounding as we stepped our the car. Luckily I wore all black with Vans Sk8 Highs aka my everyday's. We get inside it's pack. All I can see is all black. Mind you, I am clinching my brother's hand as tight as possible. We went on the far side of the floor were was some space. I was kind of able to see from afar. The stage was super smoky with a deep green tint. Hanging from above and over the equipment was tattered military netting. It looks liked a war zone and all over a sudden everyone was screaming. The music started blaring.........

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